About Us

First in Line Tickets, Inc. is a new company founded in 2013, however, ownership has over 25 years experience in the secondary market ticketing industry. The company is engaged in the service of locating and providing tickets for admission to all major sporting events, concerts and theatre throughout North America. It is not affiliated with or licensed by, any box office, venue, or sports team.
You may ask, “Why should I use a secondary market ticket broker?” Individual reasons vary, but the most common ones are:.
1. The primary box office is sold out or does not have available the kind of seating that is desired..
2. A particular seating location is desired and one would rather choose from a list of available seats than engage in “Best Available” roulette..
3. One avoids having to track on sale dates and committing to be at the computer at that time, often many months up to a year ahead of the performance date..

The next question is, “Why should I use First in Line Tickets?”.
1. Knowledgeable staff is available to work through sources other than the website to get the kind of seats that you want..
2. Your tickets are guaranteed to be genuine. First in Line Tickets adheres to the ethical standards of the National Association of Ticket Brokers..
3. Our website contains one of the largest inventories on the web, featuring some of the best prices..
4. The staff has access to a vast amount of seating, artist, venue and other information in order to assist the customer to make an informed decision..
A common issue for those who bought tickets months ahead of an event is that something has come up and they can no longer attend the event. Depending on our assessment of the market, we may be willing to buy your extra tickets, however a better approach for you is to consign those tickets to us. On consignment, we will attempt to sell your tickets at market price, which may be more or less than was paid for them. If we are successful and we usually are, we keep 10% after expenses (usually about 3% credit card fees) and send the rest to you. We have customers who consign season sports tickets year after year, stating that they cannot do better with any other approach.